Magloc®  Innovative Shooting Accessories
Slide Racker for Glock gen 1, 2, 3 and 4 Pistols (Fits all Glock models except G42, 43)
This slide racker has two edges extended out from the slide on both sides creating a more positive
griping surface.  Shooters can rack the slide without camping tight on the slide.  This slide racker
can also be used for one hand chambering by to pressing onto the shooter¡¦s holster or other hard objects.   


1. Extended 0.25" (6.4mm) (small and standard frame Glock) out from the Glock slide for easy gripping
or single hand chambering.
2.  Made from
black anodize 6061 ¡V T6 Aluminium with 20 RC hardness.
3.  Unlike some slide rackers that forms step behind the rear sight, this one Installed flushed with the
top of the Glock
slide allowing the shooter quicker acquisition of the sight picture.


Fits all Glock Gen 1,2, 3, 4 all models 17 19 20 ¡K. 41 in 9mm 10mm .357 .40 .45 cal.
(does not fit subcompact slimline G42)

2.  Weight:   0.25 oz (7.0 gram)   original  slide cover: 0.08 oz (2.2 gram)
3. Additional length over the Glock slide:
   Small and standard frame Glock (G17, 22¡K.): 0.24" (6.4 mm). 
   Large frame Glock (G20, 21¡K..): 0.18" (4.5 mm). 
4. Dimension width 1.488¡¨ (37.8 mm), height 0.571¡¨ (14.5 mm), racker plate thickness 0.134¡¨ (3.4 mm)
(Note: different shooting sports have different limitation on firearms modification; please consult with
the proper authority.) 


Warning - before installation begins.
1.  Always wear eye protection if assembly or disassembly of firearms is required. 

2.  If you are not comfortable with the installation procedures described below, please
have the work done by a qualified gunsmith.
3.  Make sure the gun is unloaded before installation begins

You can also search the web for the installation of:
Magloc Slide Racker for Glock Pistols installation

1. Separate the slide form the frame as per Glock manual.
2.  Press down the ¡§spacer sleeve¡¨ with a small screw driver.
3.  Push the slide cover plate away from the slide while keeping part of your finger covering
the exposed extractor plunger to prevent it from jumping out of the slide.
4.  Slide the ¡§slide racker¡¨ halfway into the slide until it is stopped by the ¡§spacer sleeve¡¨

5.  Push down the ¡§spacer sleeve¡¨ with the screw driver and press the ¡§slide racker¡¨ further in
until it is stopped by the ¡§extractor plunger¡¨.
6.  Press the ¡§extractor plunger¡¨ down with the screw driver and further press the ¡§slide racker¡¨
into the final position.

 Warning:  After installation, test fire your pistol in various shooting position and making sure that
your hands would not be in the way of the slide racker.   Also test fit with the holster you will be using
making sure everything function..

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