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1. What is the working principle of Magloc smartgun system?

Magloc requires an external magnetic force (magnetic ring) to repel a blocking device inside the grip panel that blocks the grip lever from pushing in. Once the blocking plate is away from its blocking position, the grip lever can be pushed in by the hand holding energy and reconnect the firing mechanism.

2. Do I have to replace my original grips?

Yes, we need to create a space between the grip and the frame for the Magloc. The original grip has to be replaced.

3. Is it a one size fits all device?

No, the end user has to adjust the location of the blocking magnet that is attached onto the blocking plate to correspond to their hand holding pattern. For mail order customers, we provide a grip panel with holes drilled on it for visual adjustment. Once they have dry fire the gun and feel comfortable, they can use the double side tape to tape the magnet there permanently.

4. How sensitive is the device?

We have three sizes of blocking magnet to suit individual needs. The bigger is the magnet attached onto the blocking plate, the wider is the sensing area. The blocking magnet that comes with the package is of large size.

5. Can I change hands or pass the gun to someone to fire?

Yes, there is an 'on/off switch' located on the left grip panel. It can be set to the on position after Maglochas been activated by someone wearing a matching magnetic ring. Once the switch is set to the on position, anyone can fire the gun without wearing the magnetic ring. When the switch is set back to the off position, the gun will be locked once it is off the hand of the user.

6. How do I know if the system is working?

There is a 'ready to fire indicator' located near the index finger. When the system is ready, it will stick our from its resting position. Without shifting his eyes off the target, the user can feel the indicator with his index finger.

7. Does the magnetic ring have any temperature restriction?

The magnetic ring will lose its magnetic energy when the temperature is over 175 degree Fahrenheit (80 degree Celsius).

8. How many combination does Magloc smartgun system has?

At this time there are four combinations. They can be obtained by changing the magnetic polarity of the blocking magnet (with North polarity facing up or South polarity facing up) and location of the magnetic ring (between middle and ring finger). Further combinations can be achieved by increasing or reducing the size of the blocking magnet.

9. What kind of material is the magnetic ring made of?

The ring is made of silver with a small piece of magnet on the underside. It is an open ring design and can be adjusted up or down one size.

10. Can I buy multiple rings so that me or my wife can use the gun?

Yes, additional ring is $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Before you do that, make sure the grip pattern of both you and your wife are more or less the same. i.e. the magnetic ring is on top of the blocking magnet that is inside the grip panel. If not, you might have to order a bigger piece of blocking magnet that covers both hand sizes.

11. Any warranty?

We have limited life time warranty against defective in workmanship. Simple return Magloc to us postage prepaid and we will carry out the work for you.

12. Is there a 30-day return policy?

Yes, 30 days money back guarantee less shipping and handling with proof of purchase from us.