Magazine weight for Glock® pistols

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Oustanding!!!!!!! Great craftpersonship (PC?)
John C, NJ

excellent product, very pleased. Thanks. A+A+A+A+A+A+A+
Brent G, NV

Great fit, good-looking product! Fast shipping from Canada, too. Thanks!
William M, NC


Have you ever get stuck in the middle of a mag change with your spare mag. ready but waiting for the magazine to drop out of the gun handle?

Have you ever have to or see someone have to shake their guns sideways to drop their magazine in a match?

Think about if the above happened in a gunfight instead of a match. This magazine weight might solve the above problem for you.

Want to get a feel of how good the MagWeight works? The 1 oz MagWeight is close to two to three rounds of 9mm and two rounds of .40 S&W. The 2 oz MagWeight is close to 5 rounds of 9mm and 4 rounds of .40 S&W. Try to release an empty magazine and magazine with the above rounds and you will know the difference.



Increases weight of magazine so magazine can drop out faster during reload

Reduces chance of empty magazine stuck inside the gun handle

Reduces muzzle jump

Reduces felt recoil

Improves shooting speed and accuracy



1. CNC machined from solid brass billet V strong and durable.

2. Fits standard (G17) compact (G19) and sub-compact (G26) Glock magazines in 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG cal. i.e. G17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39.
***Does not fit slim line G36, 10mm and .45 ACP Glock***

3. Thickness: Original base pad - 0.100 (2.65 mm); 1 oz MagWeight V 0.098 (2.50 mm); 2 oz MagWeight V 0.217 (5.51mm).

4. Weight:
Original base pad - 0.13 oz (3.6 grams);
1 oz MagWeight V 1.0 oz (28 gram) about 3 rounds of 9mm or 2 rounds of .40 S&W
2 oz MagWeight V 2.0 oz (56 gram)
about 5 rounds of 9mm or 4 rounds of .40 S&W
As the MagWeight is machined from a solid brass billet, each MagWeight can have a + or V 3% weight different.

5. Does not add rounds to the original magazine.
**Please note that different shooting sports have different limitation on gun modification, please consult with the match authority for allowable modification. **


Please wear proper eye protection and make sure the gun is not loaded.

1. Make sure the magazine is empty.

2. Depress the inner floor plate with a punch or small screw driver.

3. Press the rear corner of the base pad against a hard surface like a desk or a hardwood block until you feel the base pad slide past the plastic studs on the magazine tube.

4. Cut the plastic studs off with a cutter.

5. Insert the MagWeight.

6. Test fire and get use to this new modification.
**Please have a qualified gunsmith to do the work for you if you are not comfortable with the above installation procedures.**

1 oz MagWeight for G17, 22 -  US $19.00

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2 oz MagWeight for G17, 22
SKU# 1390 -
 US $20.00

2 oz Large MagWeight for G20, 21 -
 US $20.00

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