Tactical Recoil Control Thumb Rest for Walther P99/S&W 99
US Patent D472,599
(does not fit .45 cal. AS, SW990 or QA)

Price: US $19.00


1. Reduces muzzle jump by 70% - shooting weak hand only
2. Reduces muzzle jump by up to 50% - shooting strong hand only
3. Reduces muzzle jump by up to 40% - shooting with two hands stance
4. Prevents accidental touching of the slide
5. Increase shooting speed and accuracy
6. No modification of your firearm is required. 
7. Can be easily modified to fit individual needs.

8. Ambidextrous - same for left or right hand shooter.

9. Avoids slide cut on web of shooting hand.

**For peace officers with limited training time, this thumb rest can increases the score of an individual.

**For competition shooters, this thumb rest can reduces the amount of range practice and ammo use.


Warning - always wear eye protection if assembly or disassembly of firearms is required.
If you are not comfortable with the installation procedures described below, please have the work
done by a qualified gunsmith.

**Make sure the gun is unloaded before installation begins**

1.  Use the enclosed drift pin to drive out the original ‘trigger housing pin with a light weight hammer.

2.  Slide the thumb rest over the existing trigger housing pin location and use
a light hammer to tap in the replacement trigger housing pin.
   Adjust the
replacement pin even on both sides using the enclosed drift pin.

Some Feedbacks from our customers:

Walther Thumbgrip, easy install, Ship & Product A+
First S. OR

wonderful product!
Steve L. MO

Price: US $19.00


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