Tactical Recoil Control Thumb Rest for Springfield XD 9mm, 40 S&W cal. Pistol
US Patent D472,599

Price: US $18.00


1. Reduces muzzle jump by 70% - shooting weak hand only
2. Reduces muzzle jump by up to 50% - shooting strong hand only
3. Reduces muzzle jump by up to 40% - shooting with two hands stance
4. Prevents accidental touching of the slide
5. Increase shooting speed and accuracy
6. No modification of your firearm is required. 
7. Can be easily modified to fit individual needs.

8. Ambidextrous - same for left or right hand shooter.

9. Avoids slide cut on web of shooting hand.

**For peace officers with limited training time, this thumb rest can increases the score of an individual.

**For competition shooters, this thumb rest can reduces the amount of range practice and ammo use.


Tactical Recoil Control Thumb Rest for Springfield XD 45ACP cal. Pistol
Price: US $19.00




1.  Due to the design and material that the 'Grip Safety Spring' is made of, it can be easily broken even under normal 'Disassembly and Reassembly of the Firing Mechanism'.  Our company will not be held liable if the  'Grip Safety Spring'  is broken during installation of our thumb rest.  Replacement  'Grip Safety Spring' can be purchased from Springfield USA.

2.  Always wear eye protection if assembly or disassembly of firearms is required.

3.  Make sure the firearm is unloaded before installation begins.

4.  We have use the following procedures to installing the thumb rest for over 30 times and encounter no broken 'Grip Safety Spring'.  If you are not comfortable with the installation procedures described below, please have the work done by a qualified gunsmith.

There is a 'Grip Safety Spring' housed inside the grip safety.  The following method is
required to prevent it form coming loose.  Once loose, you have to take out the whole
firing mechanism and reassemble it and described on 'Reassembly of the Firing Mechanism'

Warning - Use a light hammer to drive the replacement pin in and all along making sure both pins are in contact or the 'Grip Safety Spring' might come loose.  If you feel strong resistance after the original pin been out for about 0.23" (6mm), the  'Grip Safety Spring' might already come loose, stop driving the replacement pin in or the 'Grip Safety Spring' might get broken.  disassemble the firing mechanism using the thinner drift pin enclosed in the package and reassemble the firing mechanism using the replacement pin.

Reassembly of the Firing Mechanism

Some feedbacks from our customers:

Thumb rest fits like a glove, high quality, easy to put on..A++++++++++++++
Tat. B. GA

very useful reduces kick
Kevin L. KY

'GripPlus' Memory Groove for Springfield XD pistol

All humans were not born the same - some have big and fat hands while
others have thin and narrow hands.  If you find that you do not have a positive
grip on the grip safety, this 'GripPlus' might be the solution.

1.  Made of glass fill nylon.
Taped onto the grip safety can provide a more positive activation
3.  The double sided tape is the strongest  available on the market and would not come loose during normal use. 
4.  Can be modified with a fingernail file for individual fit.

Price: $4.50

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