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Magloc is a registered trademark of Smart Lock Technology Inc. in the United States Patent and Trademark Office since 1997, 
registration serial number: 75074255


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Solid Steel Guide Rod for: SIG Pro, SIG 228, SIG 220 & SIG 226 pistol

1. Added weight at front reduces muzzle jump.
2.  Polished solid steel rod reduces spring bind.
3.  Polished rod surface provides smoother cycling.
4.  Solid steel rod would not wear out slide.

Solid Steel Guide Rod for  SIG Pro $21.00

SIG 228 $20.00

Solid Steel Guide for
SIG 220 pistol

Solid Steel Guide Rod for SIG 226 pistol


Magloc® Grip tape for
A. Glock Pistols
B. Springfield XD pistols
C. SW99, Walther P99 & similar pistols


Provides traction on all sides of the handle.

Provides 60% to 80% more traction on the pistol (depends on the moisture condition).

Rubber texture, would not worn out clothing.

Made of 3 M Walk-Safe Material

Rubber texture
Grip tape for Glock


Springfield XD US$11.50


SW99, Walther P99 Pistol US$11.50

Smartgun Conversion for 1911 A1 pistols

US Patent # 5,394,717;

The only smartgun conversion system available for semi-auto firearms in the world.

Works on magnetic force

Prevents unauthorized use of firearms

Activated with no time delay

1911 A1 Smartgun Conversion
US $95.00

**Magnetic Ring available in North or South magnetic pole.  Please indicate which magnetic pole your prefer and the circumference of your right hand middle finger when ordering.

Abstract of independent test by: R.K. CAMPBELL 
(S.W.A.T. Magazine, January 1999)

" I tested one of these devices on my personal 1911, and I was surprised by the easy fit and close tolerances of the device. I am used to aftermarket parts not fitting correctly, but the Magloc is an exception........

The Magloc works as advertised; it is up to the user to decide if it fits his or her needs.

Full report on the "Test Report" page

Push Button Trigger Lock

US Patent 6,487,803

This Trigger Lock is one of the two that passed the test out of 75 gun locks tested by the US Consumer Products Safety Commission in 2001.

Quick release in total darkness

Can be mounted on wall or drawer

No batteries or keys required

Factory pre-set to either open on A or B position

A- switch




Cable tie for Push Button Trigger Lock

Cable tie comes in three different length to suit individual needs.





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